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Duffy's Rant - Legacy

I’m glad to say, that after a couple years of procrastination, and work always being in the way, I’ve finally revived “duffysrant.com” a blog started by my father,  to rant about life, the stupidity of society, and just an outlet to present his view on life to others.    A note at this blog, it’s funny how things progress,  this blog was just the start to my father’s outbound communication. Soon after the start of this blog, Dennis, got into podcasting and outlet to vent and tell stories across the air, a fascination he’s had since listening to the voice of Paul Harvey from WGN 720am radio in Chicago.   Podcasting, took a place to the side when he got his General License to practice Amertuer Radio, a skill / hobby he’d spend countless hours partaking in, and making hundreds of friends from across the world.  He went by the call sign of “W9FBM” a callsign started by his brother, and he had a passion to take over.  I’ll never forget my Father, being Santa,  broadcasting to other families of HAM Radio operators as Santa Clause.  One of those things, to this day I won’t forget.veroxybd.com


Below is a note from the past, the original About me section about my Father.

I’m a fifty-something techie who got intrigued with the whole podcasting thing and dove in, nearly head first! : )

I’ve been in technology since the SWTPC 6800 came out and a friend of mine and I put one together. The SWTPC begat the Ferguson board, one of, if not the first, all on one board computer with a whopping 64K of memory. We were taken by the fact that this one board, the size of a sheet of paper, had the same amount of memory that the 360 mainframe at school had.

The rest is history and I spent since 1988 working on the AS/400 (now iSeries) computers from IBM. During all this time, I’ve been exposed to other OS types and have worked on PCs, Macs and, currently, learning more and more about the elusive Unix!

I hope that you enjoy the podcasts. Let me know if you are listening!

I hope I’m able to continue this in a fashion that would make him proud!

Happy reading everyone!

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