Someone explain why….

The US anti-doping agency, NOT the one with authority over the tour de france, can strip anyone of titles not won in the US.http://abisgroup.ruWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I was happily informed that two schmucks have been arrested and charged with the murder of that Wheaton volloyball player. Gee, they did that in Missouri. Don’t they still have capital punishment? My version’s a lot harsher than here. I go for the Russian version. Lock ‘em up in death row, solitary and loet ‘em sit there and stew, then one day go get ‘em, walk ‘em down a hall and bang-bang.

Then there is the bozo in NYC. Coppers did the world a favor and took his ass outta the gene pool. Question is why wasn’t he checked out better? Gads

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